Simple and creative ways to add peace using common items from nature. Did you know adding the element of wood to your home can bring a sense of stillness to your space. Think of how you feel when you are in wooded area. For me there is nothing more peaceful. Here our 5 tips that can bring a sense of peace to your home and office.

1. Adding a wooden bowl filled with pinecones or driftwood found in nature or your own backyard. Take a little trip to a local park or if you are near the mountains go on a nature walk. Not only will this add to your home but it will refresh the mind to get out in the elements of nature. Collect your favorite items and then bring them in for display.
2. Add a touch of green.Greenery can boost your mood, help you stay focused and motivated. Persevered moss is an excellent no maintenance way to add that touch of the outdoors in. You can see ways we use preserved moss here.  Also faux plants are a great option as well. 
3. Art depicting landscapes, gardens, plants and flowers. Wooden wall art is a trending way to bring the outdoors in. You can find all kinds of landscapes made from wood. Here at HollyBee we have created our version of a snow peak mountain scene. See them on our home page under Mountain Scene.
 4. Keep your space clutter free. Every thing we bring into the home holds energy. When our space becomes cluttered it can actually rob our energy and it makes it harder focus on the task at hand
5. Affirmations are another great way to bring into the home. Words are powerful and evoke our thoughts. Keeping positive words in plain sight can set the mood of the entire home. Hang your favorite quote on the wall or a keep a set of affirmation cards in an easy to see place. 
Our mission is to help you live the life you love with as much peace and joy as possible. Stay connected to us and let us know if you find these tips helpful.