How to make Valentines Day Special

How to make Valentines Day Special

Debbie harward

I will admit Valentines Day is not my most favorite holiday. It seems like it is a forced day to honor those you love. Well I am trying to change my attitude this year and do something special but simple. I am going to take an idea from my Mom's book. She always gave us girls a card with a hand written note in it. She would tape it to our bedroom door so it would be there first thing in the morning. I loved that and hadn't thought about that for years. I had all boys so I didn't keep that tradition up with my kids. I didn't think they would think that was to cool so I always gave them one of those cheesy little boxes of chocolates instead. You know the ones with that gross nugget and were mostly dark chocolate. My boys our grown now but will both be here for Valentines. This year they will get a card taped to their door with a cheesy box of chocolates. I would hate to break tradition. 

If you are at a lose for what to do this Valentines Day and do not have time to get sucked into Pinterest or Social Media. Lets be real NO ONE has time for that! No worries here is some ideas from one of my favorite shops! shops!

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