Do You Need A Energy Reboot

Debbie harward

Did You The Color Green Can Boost Your Energy And Creativity

Here at HollyBee and Company we are always looking for ways to boost our productivity and creativity. We believe that filling our homes and work spaces with pops of green adds a sense of calm and serenity. When we are relaxed and balanced it allows the creative juices to flow. Once the creativity starts the productivity hits over drive. We are going to share 5 of our favorite ways to add the color green into your space. Get ready to enjoy the benefits green has to offer. 

1. Adding greenery to your space is as easy as buying a small house plant. Bringing nature into the home offers a sense of calm. It reminds us of the fresh lively feeling we get from being outdoors. Adding nature is a natural energy reboot. If you are looking for a maintenance free option check our preserved moss section here. Preserved moss if maintenance free with no watering required just purchase and enjoy.

2. Paint an accent wall your favorite shade of green. Green is known for its relaxing effect. When we are relaxed and balanced it is much easier to stay focused and on task. When we are on task our productivity really does hit over drive. Here are two of my favorite colors sea salt and rain washed Sherwin Willams. The names alone make me feel calm and bring a smile to my face. 

3. Add a piece of creative art to your wall. Pick something you love and is a representation of your authentic style. Investing in one large piece that you will enjoy can really add a statement to your home. Green is know to enhance our creativity so remember it can even just be a small pop of green. Large or small either way the benefits of green stay true.