Care For Your Moss

Debbie harward

Thank you so much for choosing HollyBee and Company.

Here are the care instructions we promised you.

DO NOT place your moss piece in direct sunlight. The sunlight will cause it to fade.
There is no need to water, the moss is preserved and will stay looking fresh and new all on it's own.
If the moss if flat from shipping you can lightly mist and fluff with your fingers gently.
The moss will have a slight smell from the preservation process. This smell usually will dissipate over time. You can use a room odor neutralizing spray  to speed the process if you desire. We recommend a product called Zero Odor.

Again thank you so much for ordering with us. As a thank you we would like to extend the invitation to use the code SAVE20 on your next order. This will give you 20% OFF



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