Tips to add greenery and texture to your home.

Your Dreamy Home Space

Debbie harward

5 Tips To Creating A Dreamy Home Space

These tips will help you create dimension and soften the surfaces of your home. Offering a cozy warm feeling everyone desires.

What does it "cozy actually mean"? I like to think of it as simply adding elements of visual interests that are authentic to you. Using a mixture of textiles, materials, colors, metals, and woods. 


1. Roll Out A Rug

Adding a rug to any room is a great way to add immediate texture and dimension. When it comes to picking the perfect rug choose one with a high profile or think of layering rugs to create a high profile. I personally like finding rugs with tassels and fringe for an added bonus. A rug softens a room and adds warmth. Just think of how your feet feel when they glide across a soften warm rug.

2. Creative Wall Decor

Of course we are all about creating custom works of wall art. It is our favorite way to take your wall from flat to flab with a layer of dimension. Macrame, wall weaving and even hanging wall plants give a room depth. We have noticed texture art as a rising trend for 2022 as well. Always remember the key to cozy it what fits your style. Your home should represent you.

3. Add Greenery

Greenery can boost your mood, help you stay focused and motivated. Greenery makes me feel like I am outdoors in the fresh air. It adds a sense of calm and relaxation that nature naturally offers. Persevered moss is an excellent no maintenance way to add that touch of the outdoors in. You can see ways we use preserved moss here. 

4. Mix Your Materials

Use a variety of different materials such as wood and brace, lien an fuax fur. You can mix leather and canvas, class and ceramics. Think out of the box by mixing colors and patterns. Combine materials in a way that is creative to you that adds a unique look that represents you.

5. Embrace Imperfection

Invite an element of roughness into your space with vintage items that feature the scratches nicks and knocks. The imperfections will offer a sense of relaxation to your space. I believe this is the most important tip. Its up to you to live your style and keep the things you love in your home. 

 Thank you for stopping by. We hope you have fun taking these tips into your home and creating a space you absolutely love to be in.